Summertime in Suburbia

She sits on the front port stoop

A book in hand

Maybe a glass of lemonade, too

— — —

The dazzling summertime sun glows above her head

Showering light over the well-coiffed lawns, 

The black asphalt,

The mid-century ramblers,

Of her hometown, suburbia

Day 72 (2)I took this photo last summer before heading to D.C., for the 100 Days of Happy photo challenge that I was taking part in. This was in late May and, quite unsurprisingly for Minnesota, the trees were still in the process of growing back leaves.

This photo was taken on the digital camera I had had since my freshman year of high school, the day before it died on me (causing me to scramble and quickly find another camera so I could finish the 100 Days of Happy challenge…THANKS CAMERA, FOR THE ADDED STRUGGLE). I’ve always been particularly proud of this photo–it’s one of the best from the challenge–and thought, why not share it on the blog?

This is completely unedited and portrays an image of my childhood neighborhood that is quite beautiful, I think.

— — — —

Oh yeah, here’s a link to my 100 Days of Happy Challenge since I’m already anticipating someone asking me about that. It’s on my old blog, too, if you feel so inclined to creep around there (where you’ll find a Britta who is both way less confident AND totally clueless about blogging).

9 Replies to “Summertime in Suburbia”

  1. I’ve never been to Minnesota. But I assume at a moment like that, it’s not much different from my native Colorado. That said, I could hear the wind in the trees, feel the breeze on my skin, even taste water from the garden hose. I don’t know why that came up. I think it’s because the lawn’s so green still, and it reminded me of the lawn where I grew up, so thick that it felt like you were standing on a pillow when you grabbed a quick drink from the hose and went on playing or reading.


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