A Moment of Literary Nerdiness

Apparently, today is Charlotte Brontë’s birthday. How in the world did I know this before approximately two seconds ago? This lady is one of my favorite authors!

Anywho, this isn’t just any birthday, though. It’s her 199th birthday…sooo close to being two centuries old! You go, girl!

Because Jane Eyre is my favorite book of all time, I thought I’d insert this bit of CB wisdom into my blog on this important day:

Live Your Own Life - Jane Eyre

I’m so grateful that this book exists. It has made my life infinitely better and I learn something new from it every time I read it. Jane is my literary hero.

There is no better day to honor the tradition of Jane Eyre than on its author’s birthday.

Cheers to Charlotte Brontë. She only lived on this earth for thirty-eight years, but her legacy, in the fiction she left for us, is timeless.

13 Replies to “A Moment of Literary Nerdiness”

      1. Yes I should be more careful!! But it switches the word so quickly! It’s good for spelling words that I always get wrong however.. Like the word “tomorrow “… in real life, I’m never sure if it’s two m ‘s and two r’s!!


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