Skype Dates are the Best Dates (Sometimes)

There is nothing quite like chatting with a good friend about topics you’re both passionate about.

Even if it is over Skype.

I just lost track of time catching up with my dear friend, Phoebe. I had meant to chat with her for only an hour or so…but that ended up turning into over two hours of amazing conversation. Phoebe is one of the only people that I can geek out about history and discuss museum talk with for hours without running out of things to say. And she lives a time zone away from me in New York State.

We were interns at the National Postal Museum together last summer and pretty quickly bonded over our love of history. Even though we worked in different departments–she was in education and I was in curatorial–we met up every Friday to check out a new museum together.  We’d always have plenty to say about the museums we visited, from the good, to the bad, to the downright ugly. Even today, we found ourselves sharing thoughts about some of our favorite museums in D.C., along with those that we were less impressed with.

I love my friends at Morris dearly, but none of them are as passionate about history as I am. I can’t spend hours talking with them about the future of museum work and how certain historical events are still affecting the world today.  They would be bored to tears.

I have a draft of a paper due at midnight that I desperately need to get back to right now.

But gosh, that was a much needed Skype date. I don’t even care that I’m behind on getting this paper done, now. I mean, I am your expert senior procrastinator, anyways. The paper will get done. I’m quite sure of that.

And Skyping with Phoebe was sooo worth it.

Back when we took awkward selfies on the National Mall and didn't have to hop on Skype to have enriching conversations with each other.
Back when we took awkward selfies on the National Mall and didn’t have to hop on Skype to have enriching conversations with each other.

9 Replies to “Skype Dates are the Best Dates (Sometimes)”

  1. I’m actually interested in history, especially western civilization. You should write a post about the historical events affecting the world today. You’ve piqued my curiosity. And if there’s anyone who would do an excellent job at explaining, it’s you.


    1. Hmm, blog posts topics to consider. This summer maybe, when I’m not bogged down with writing about history for school. I could actually have a lot of fun with a post like that. 🙂 Just to give you a taste, Phoebe just got back from a trip to India and we talked a lot about how India is still experiencing the effects of British imperialism today. We also talked a bit about how we as a human race need to take responsibility for the genocides and other crimes against humanity that have happened in the past and that are still happening today. Some heavy topics, but it was a great talk.

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      1. I studied the Bosnian and Rwandan genocide extensively last semester. To this day, the Serbs deny the Bosnian genocide happened. I know Pope Francis prayed for the victims of the Armenian genocide—which has caused quite the controversy. And it’s interesting that you mention British imperialism in India. I never looked at it that way, but you’re absolutely right. Hence the reason English is one of the dominant languages in India. I actually read something about it in the New York Times.

        I’m looking forward to reading those posts. I honestly think I would learn a lot from you.


      2. Sounds absolutely fascinating. I’ve never studied any genocide but the Holocaust in depth, so I bet you could tell me a lot about Bosnia and Rwanda. It actually really bothers me that the only genocide that is taught extensively in schools is the Holocaust. Don’t get me wrong, I think Holocaust education is incredibly important, but I wish there was more of a balance between the Holocaust and other genocides in education because I haven’t had the opportunity to study any others in school. I’m considering obtaining a masters in Genocide Studies in a few years and maybe becoming a Genocide Educator of some sort. It’s something I’m really quite passionate about.
        I’ll think of some related posts to publish in the future, since you’ve expressed interest. 🙂

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  2. Hi Britta. I love history and often watch documentaries where I can learn more about the past, compare and contrast with current world events. I love talking to one of my best friends who studied history.
    That’s to say that I’d be very interested in reading your views too.


    1. Ah, I love hearing from fellow history lovers. Like I said, none of my friends at school are that into history, so I very rarely have the opportunity to talk about it in depth with people outside of class.
      I think I will have to write a post or two up in the future about history, since you’re the second person who’s expressed interest! It’s something I never even considered before and I’m looking forward to it.


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