It’s That Time in the Semester…

Stress hunger.

It’s a thing.

A thing I recently developed last semester.

In the last month or so of last semester, I was always hungry. I was eating at all hours of the day. 3 a.m.? No problem. I was up writing those papers I had procrastinated on, anyways.

I was seriously beginning to wonder if something was wrong with me. If I had some sort of illness that caused me to be hungry ALL THE TIME. Maybe I should go to a doctor? No time, though!

Eventually, it dawned on me that I had a lot on my plate. I was freaking stressed out. And my body might be reacting with this constant hunger.

As a matter of fact, it was.

The end of the semester came and went.

I felt much more relaxed and my constant hunger went away.

Here we enter the last 2 weeks of spring semester 2015. a.k.a. my last semester of undergraduate classes ever.

And the stress hunger has begun. again. Next to me as I write this post is a banana peel. The banana? I just ate it. Because I was hungry. In the middle of the day.

I have a lot to do in the next week. A lot of due dates. A lot of deadlines. I’m presenting undergraduate research on Saturday. Oh yeah, and there’s that future that I should probably be thinking about.

I try to eat pretty healthy, including my snacks. That’s easier said than done as a college student, though. Lucky for me, I scored a bunch of free bananas last night! Better eat them before they all go bad on me!

— — —

Oh man, I can’t wait for dinner. I’m still hungry.

17 Replies to “It’s That Time in the Semester…”

  1. Thank you for this! I stress eat as well, and I feel weird when I get midnight cravings or eat right after eating breakfast. A second breakfast. I thought I would never stop. And then I realized I was just stressed and this is my body’s way of coping with it.

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    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who does this. It was just weird for me because I’ve never done it before last semester, but I guess the way my body responds to stress has changed over time.

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  2. Eat all you want. You can stop the gorge after the semester ends. And don’t even start thinking about the future until you get through those finals. 2 Weeks 2 Go! How exciting.


  3. Can totally relate to this. It’s even worse because it’s such a vicious circle: all you can think about is food when you really need to concentrate on other things, and that’s stressing you out even more!


  4. I’m constantly snacking all day, every day at the end of semesters. Right now, I’ve just finished off a packet of ham (yes, all six slices), alongside having started an Easter egg. I had cereal and am at present, debating whether to order a pizza. It’s currently 12:25pm.

    I feel like I should add that I have 8k worth of words to write by the end of the month that I haven’t started yet (IDIOT), alongside more essays and three exams next month (for which my notes disappeared last month). YAY COLLEGE.

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    1. YAY COLLEGE for sure, though. I have a draft of my English senior thesis due tomorrow night at midnight, of which I’ve barely started any of it. I can totally relate. I’ve become worse and worse at procrastinating as I’ve gotten farther along in this college business and, it seems, I’ve been eating much more, too. I guess procrastination leads to stress, which some how leads to more procrastination and lots of hunger! Best of luck to you with all you have to do!


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