A Friendship Like No Other

At the beginning, Gabby and Caitlin seemed like an unconventional pair if there ever was one.

They were the fiery Democrat who’s been Ready for Hillary since the day she was born and the lone Conservative in the Democratic section of the Congressional Baseball game. I’ll always remember the day Gabby got up at 3 am do go to Hillary Clinton’s book signing at a nearby Sam’s Club…how she bought a membership (I kid you not) just to get that book signed by her political hero. I’ll never forget Caitlin’s yelps of disappointment among a throng of cheers, as the Democrats scored yet another run.

Gabby didn’t stop talking from the moment we met and Caitlin was quieter…she took a little while to warm up to us.

Brunette and blonde.  Penn State and Wyoming. They seemed so completely and utterly different in a way I can’t even put to words. Their personalities, their backgrounds, the way they viewed the world. These girls, though. These girls from two seemingly different walks of life got together, went a little crazy, and changed my life. 

I was unsure of them at first; I was unsure of all my roommates at first. I was nervous and scared and anxious to be in a new place with new people.

But, despite those on-the-surface impressions, Gabby and Caitlin forged an incredible friendship…a force to be reckoned with, really. They proved that the surface is only that…that there is so much more underneath, so much more to learn and understand about each other. That the most seemingly unconventional pairing can turn out to be completely and totally life changing in the end.

At the beginning, I never imagined they would become as close as they did. I never imagined how hilarious they would be together, how they would one day click and never look back.

Together, they taught me that we as humans too often jump to conclusions about people because of what’s on the surface.

And I grew to love them.

10543599_324806251022428_8234582279056188968_n (2)

Today’s prompt for Writing 101 is “Who’s the most interesting person you’ve met this year? Turn it into a character study.” 

Of course, many of you know that I’m not taking part in Writing 101. I saw the prompt on a fellow blogger’s site, though, and immediately thought of these two girls. I can’t write about one without the other. Together they were such an instrumental part of my summer. So, I had to respond to this prompt, even though I’m not formally taking part in the challenge.


16 Replies to “A Friendship Like No Other”

  1. You are fab little trio, how wonderful to have found each other. I know from experience that it isn’t always easy to find friends who get along with each other. This is a beautifully written tribute to your friendship.

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    1. Thank you, DesleyJane! It took me a while (like, the whole summer) to break out of my shell and really feel comfortable with them, but they were such wonderful roommates to have and I’m so thankful I ended up with them. 🙂

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  2. It’s awesome when friendship grows out of supposed differences. You can learn a lot from one another… Your friends sound like fabulous people who’ve enriched your life , as I know you have theirs!

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    1. Absolutely! They’re so wonderful and I’m so glad to know them. I certainly didn’t realize how much I enriched their lives until one of them did a blog post about all us roommates at the end of the summer. I was the quietest one of us all and was astounded she had learned so much from me. 🙂

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