More Time, Please?

Drat, it’s Tuesday night!

Time got away…I forgot

to write a haiku!


All I could think about on Tuesday, when I was considering possible haiku topics for this week’s Hump Day installment, was how I hadn’t written a haiku yet. I’ve been writing my Hump Day Haikus a few days–if not a full week–in advance; with Wednesday quickly approaching, I found myself at a loss.

So, I decided to write a haiku about how I hadn’t written a haiku yet. I mean, why not? Sometimes the most mundane aspects of life are the most entertaining write out. 🙂

Completely irrelevant side-note: Today marks my parents twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. Yup, on April 8, 1989 they exchanged their “I dos.” Despite the fact that my parents don’t read my blog regularly–if at all–I felt a little guilty at the prospect of publishing a post today without mentioning this little fact. So, happy anniversary Mom and Dad!


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