5 Day Challenge: Day 5

7 weeks from today I graduate.

In one walk across the stage, I will transform from student to alum in a matter of steps.

Well, at least symbolically.

—  —  —

7 weeks from today this place will become a part of my past.

In 4 years this place has helped define who I am.

I barely recognize that girl who walked onto this campus 4 years ago.

This place has shaped me, changed me.

I’ve laughed here, I’ve cried here, I’ve clung here, I’ve loved here.

I’ve experienced some of my most trying moments here.

As well as some of my best.

I came here for an education.

What I didn’t realize was how much I would learn about myself along the way.

7 weeks from today I graduate.

And whether I’m ready or not, the world is about to take me by storm.


I was nominated for the 5 day photo challenge by Amy from Snapshots, Snippets and Scribbles. This challenge requires me to post one photo each day for five days, and to share a story along with each photo. The challenge also asks to nominate a new person each day to participate, but I have chosen to opt out of that part.

8 Replies to “5 Day Challenge: Day 5”

  1. I love this tribute you’ve written to your college years! Wow 7 weeks will fly by…. I’m reminiscing about my own college years, 20 years ago! Time surely does fly, but the memories and experiences had in college are truly life-forming…. I’m so excited for your graduation as well as your next adventures, off campus!


    1. Oh, thank you Lia! I have for sure made so many memories and I’m excited and a little nervous to see what happens next. My undergraduate experience has sure been a wild ride of lots of learning and I’m looming forwardto finishing it on a high note. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations Britta! You made the best out of it as a person and a future professional! Few people are self aware and don’t understand how important that is when they have their first jobs.


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