Me, Myself, and Ten Thousand Things

I was doing some class reading earlier when I came across this quote:

“To study the self is to forget the self and become one with ten thousand things.” –  Dōgen

I have mentioned multiple times before that I write to understand myself and the world around me. I have been writing to push myself as a writer, too, of late. However, as I push myself, I’m still trying to understand myself.

In the aftermath of reading this quote, I am now realizing that I didn’t truly understand what my own reasons for writing actually mean until now. This quote struck the deepest parts of my heart and soul.

This quote sums it up perfectly. This is why I write. 

(for the record, I also think this is why I’m so drawn to yoga, which I started practicing daily around 3 weeks ago, with some help from Adriene)

The fact that I can be so profoundly affected by the words of a man who walked this earth seven hundred and fifty years ago is pretty amazing.

And people claim history isn’t important.

8 Replies to “Me, Myself, and Ten Thousand Things”

  1. What an amazing quote you found! I’m glad it was so meaningful and powerful for you and your writing!!


  2. Wanted to come by and say Hi and I loved the quote :0) . I’ll also give you a name that compliments it.. check out Erich Fromm, his stuff is amazing and gets pretty deep 🙂 Loved this ~


    1. Yoga With Adriene is a web series on the internet. She has a lot of different videos–some for more relaxing yoga and some for more high intensity yoga. You can find all of her videos on youtube if you type in Yoga With Adriene or you can go to
      I highly recommend her videos…she is welcoming to yogis of all levels and they’re so easy to do wherever and whenever you want!


      1. Thank you for the link ! I’m looking for some physical activities ! I’ve tried to run, I did it for several months, but then, my legs hurt so much, I don’t think it’s the ideal sport for me. I will have a look at the yoga series. I did some pilates exercises a few days ago, and I quite like it.


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