12 Replies to “A Day Well Spent”

      1. I’ve been staring at my computer for hours now, willing myself to write, looking at various posts and my photos for some spark of inspiration to hit me… I think I will have to surrender and call it a night. 🙂 We will all live to write another day!


  1. I love this! I’m glad you had a great day, writing 🙂
    I was off for Presidents’ Day today so I was home, cooking and catching up on TV and blogs :-))
    Have a great start to your week!


    1. Thank you, Lia! I wrote this a few days ago, actually…my Presidents’ Day was actually quite unproductive (I don’t have class on Mondays, so basically it ends up being an extension of my weekend…oops!). Sounds like you had a lovely day off!

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  2. Slept in too late to work out, was almost late for class because I was watching YouTube clips plus I was refusing to put on pants and face the 9 degree weather (on Thursday it’s supposed be a high of 1 degree here, what fun :-/), got to class exactly on time, came home, made pasta for dinner and wrote this response to your question.


    1. I always sleep in too late to work out. Those darn youtube videos! I’m in Minnesota. I understand the cold. My car wouldn’t start today. :/ I got to class exactly on time today too! Pasta sounds really good right now. Thanks for the reply, Jacob. 🙂


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