Nostalgic Appreciation

Clayton A. Gay Hall.

It’s ugly (Cold War era, looks like a bomb shelter ugly). My room is too warm all the time. The bathrooms could be a smidge bigger. The walls are too thin and the freshman frustrate the hell out of me all too often.

Generally speaking, Gay Hall is nobody’s paradise.

Yet, over the past five months that I’ve lived here, I’ve grown to love it.

Yesterday, letters for next year’s hall staffs went out. Everyone in res life is abuzz with who the new CA hires are for the 2015-2016 school year.

I’m interested too, in seeing who has been hired. It’s intriguing to get an idea of what next year’s staff will look like. Two of my Community Council Board members (our equivalent of a hall government) have been hired, which I’m over the moon about.

…but I’m not returning next year, I’m graduating. Although intriguing, next year’s hires don’t affect me at all.

I’ve recently realized how much I love this hall. Not so much the hall itself, but the people who make it the community that it is. The residents–even though they can be disrespectful assholes and even though they don’t come to Community Council despite all my efforts. Generally speaking, they’re a great bunch. My CAs–oh man, I can’t even describe the admiration I have for my CAs. They work so hard and do so much. I love them to pieces. They also happen to be hilarious. Staff meetings are the best with them. Before working with them, I never would have imagined that my staff meetings would end in picking out stripper names for everyone…but they have, they do, and it works. I put together a good staff, people and yes, I’m just a little bit proud.

I have three more months left in Morris, of working with these people and living in this hall.

Yet, with all this talk of next year’s staff, I’m finding myself a little melancholy at the idea of a new group of CA’s, a new group of residents living where we now live. Of course it’s happened before–I’ve watched it happen every year for the past three years that I’ve been working for res life.

Yet, for some reason, this year seems different.

Perhaps it’s because it is my last year and I know I wont be coming back.

Or maybe it’s because I’m the hall director and I feel as if I own this hall in a way that I never did when I was a CA. Of course, I don’t really own it. But I am in charge of it.

It’s probably a little bit of both.

I’m excited to move on, but I know I will miss the Gay Hall of 2014-2015. I’ll miss it dearly.

And here I am, nostalgic for something that isn’t even past yet.

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