Thank You

I am overwhelmed by the kindness of my fellow bloggers.

The support, the encouragement. It’s truly amazing to have this group of people; I really feel like you are all looking after me and supporting me every step of the way.

I was filled with anxiety earlier today; I haven’t been this anxious in a really long time. I think my immediate stress in regards to school combined with my concerns about the future just got to be a little much for me; together, they pushed me over the brink into this pool of anxiety that I’ve been in all day. I’ve been trying to not to worry so much about the future and about all my responsibilities, but sometimes that’s easier said than done–especially when living with anxiety.

I got out of a class today and headed up to the archives to do some research, even though I really wasn’t feeling it. I have to get more research done for my distance mentorship, though. Since I was feeling so anxious, I decided to take some time for myself before diving into my research. I checked in with myself, took some time to just sit and breath.

I decided to briefly check WordPress. Upon logging on, I was greeted with a flood of notifications from fellow bloggers regarding my most recent post.

I took it all in. The kindness. The encouragement.

As I read through the comments, I felt my anxiety melting away–at least for a little bit.

It means so much to me to see such kind and thoughtful words.

I have a great support system here at school. My friend group is amazing and I love them to pieces. My family is also incredibly supportive, too.

But it really is amazing to know that you are all here, in this virtual space. I feel so lucky to be able to share this blogosphere with all of you.

I do write for myself. That’s why I started to blog in the first place. I continue to blog to grow as a writer and to understand myself better. Honestly, though, this support system is the best thing I’ve found here on WordPress.

So thank you. Truly, thank you.

13 Replies to “Thank You”

  1. You go Britta!! Keep your chin up! We all feel anxious about the future. I’m wrestling with that myself right now. You’ve got a great attitude and you always have such clear perspectives on your world. I think you’re going to do just fine in whatever you choose. (And whatever comes your way.). 🙂


  2. We’re here to help other fellow bloggers. Anxiety is a bitch but the best thing you can do is write through it. You’re almost done with college and another chapter begins (better than the last one.)


    1. I sure hope my next chapter is better than the last one! I have a feeling it will be, but it’s still scary getting there.
      This community is certainly something I never anticipated when I signed up for WordPress…so glad it exists though and we are all able to support each other as we do!

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      1. I’ll be honest, I didn’t anticipate it, either. I used to have another blog and I had zero followers or community support. I wasn’t expecting much when I signed up for WordPress, but it’s turning out to be even better than I thought.

        I’ll be scared getting there, too. But I know you can do it. Like you said, you have a strong support group and they will help you should you feel like you’re floundering.

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      2. I started out blogging on a different site a about a year and a half ago and it didn’t feel right, honestly. I switched over to WordPress and knew I was in the right place, even before I got really involved in the community.

        Also, thank you! It’ll be scary, but I also believe that if we didn’t venture outside our comfort zone and face our fears, we’d never get anywhere. Also, this support system will be here along the way!

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      3. I wouldn’t recommend Google’s Blogger unless you were a famous author. That’s the worst place to start blogging. There is no real community there. Everyone’s so distant and minding their own business. There’s no Blogging University and no Common Rooms. I didn’t start out blogging on WordPress because I thought it too complicated. Oh, was I wrong. Thus far I love, love, love it here.


      4. Yup, Blogger was where I started! I couldn’t agree more about everything you just said about it. I, too, was intimidated by WordPress at first. I thought about starting there, but chose Blogger since it seemed easier. So glad I made the switch, though…WordPress is so wonderful!

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  3. When I feel anxious about the future my bloke always says “Don’t right yourself a script” which means don’t try to guess or tell yourself what will happen, just try to relax and see how events unfold as life has a way of surprising us no matter how much we plan. Try to relax and just go with it :o)

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    1. Thank you Chrissie, I will try my best! I completely agree…I try to view my life as an adventure that hasn’t been written yet, but it’s so hard sometimes. I often have to remind myself that although knowing the future would be comfortable, it sure wouldn’t be exciting, 🙂


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