Just Some Links that I Love…

So, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been pretty terrible at participating in Blogging 101 this month.

You know, I’m totally fine with that. I really signed up to meet other bloggers more than anything else, which I was successful at in the first week or so before I got bogged down with school.

After over a week of really wanting to have nothing to do with WordPress, today I finally had the urge to not just post, but also scroll through my reader and catch up on some posts. For the first time in forever, I took the time to not just read, but also comment on multiple blogs in one sitting.

It felt so wonderful to get back to communicating with my fellow bloggers. It certainly wont be easy to do that regularly this semester, so I want to take advantage of it when I have the time.

With my fellow bloggers in mind, I’ve been meaning to complete a Blogging 101  assignment from a few days ago that I was really drawn to. I didn’t have time to get it done on the day of since I was overwhelmed with school and such. However, it’s Friday night…and I have time!

The assignment? To share a few links you love.

Well, I have quite a few links that I love. If I posted all of the links I love, there’d be at least twenty of them…it would take forever for me to post and I personally think it wouldn’t be as useful for any readers who are interested…I find that posts filled with tons and tons of links to other blogs (such as what you might find in an awards post) are quite overwhelming.

So, I just have three links that I love. With descriptions and all, because what’s the point of posting them if you don’t know why I love them?

These three blogs are amazing. Their writers speak from their hearts and they write what’s true to them. I nominated two of them for a Versatile Blogger award a while back, but I’m mentioning them again because, well, I love them that much.

These three blogs are all by young women around my age. I personally relate so much to their posts, I think partly because of our similarities in age and where we are in life. These bloggers are trying to figure this life out just like I am. They recognize that life isn’t perfect, but they hope for a better tomorrow–that shows more than anything in their writing. I am continually inspired by these bloggers…if I’m feeling down or anxious, I know reading one of their posts is likely to brighten my spirits.

I have chosen to link you to my most favorite recent post from each of the three, though I encourage you to check out the rest of their blogs. Because they really are such great blogs.

Without further ado, I give you links that I love–

[the city is on fire] from the amazingly talented Hagen Reedy. I’m pretty sure I’ve told Hagen about a dozen times that I love her work. Her poetry is beautiful, thought provoking, inspiring, colorful, and her photography is simply stunning. [the city is on fire] took my breath away. I’m so thankful for the voice I have as writer but gosh, sometimes I wish I could write like that!

My driving adventures continued… from the inspiring and ever-determined Chelle. This girl is so passionate about creating a better world, a world where disability isn’t a synonym for different. I particularly love this post because it shows how driven she is to live the best life she can live. Her Motivational Monday series is also fantastic too. Like seriously, you need to check out SeeMeNotCp.

Rid yourself of guilt once and for all from To Take a Leap. I just discovered this blog a couple weeks ago and have been in love ever since. Maria and her sister are on this amazingly cool and inspirational journey and the stories they share along the way are so important and inspiring. I can tell these girls have had so many learning experiences and have taken so much away from them. I love their words and I love the lessons they convey. Rid yourself of guilt spoke to me particularly because I could relate a lot to Maria’s story. This is an important blog and I’m so glad I discovered it.

Well, there you have it. The links that I love.

There are so many more that I could post, of course, but I chose these three links from these three blogs in particular because I can relate to them all in some way and they utterly and completely inspire me.

What links do you love?

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