Homesick for The District

Today, one of my distance mentorship professors (who teaches at a school in North Carolina) called into our class video conference from D.C.

You could say I was a little jealous of her. Okay, a lot jealous.

D.C. has been on my mind a lot lately, as I’ve been applying for jobs there. I miss it dearly and just need to get back there. I’m going to get to D.C. somehow after graduation. I have this feeling that I just need to be there at this time in my life.

I love my little college town. From my dorm room, I have a perfect view of two of the prairie style buildings on our campus that help to make UMM such a quaint and homey place. As I write this, I’m looking out to a bright blue sky, the sun shining above these buildings. It’s a beautiful day for January. I associate so much comfort and safety with this campus. Aside from the physical aspects that make it so homey–from the simple, down to earth beauty of many of the campus buildings to their close proximity to each other around the Mall, the central meeting point on campus–UMM is filled with friendly and familiar faces and an overall sense of community.

I know I will miss it when I leave. I really do love going to school here.

That being said, I’m ready to leave and I just know that the next step on my journey is D.C.

Hearing that my professor was there today made me yearn for D.C. even more. She was giving a presentation about the course that I’m taking with some of last year’s student participants; apparently, a few administrators from Morris were there to learn more about it. Geesh, why wasn’t I invited?

Probably because I’m not an administrator. And I’m already taking the class and therefore don’t need to hear a presentation about it to know what it’s about.

Oh well.

I still miss D.C. I day dream about it frequently–waiting for the metro, taking a jog down the National Mall or just simply going out there to read a book, going back to Baked and Wired to get another best cupcake of my life, exploring all those parts of D.C. that I never got around to last summer because I spent too much time on the National Mall. Hell, even going to a Nats Game–and generally I’m not the type of person who willingly pays to go to a sports game of any type.

(This just goes to show that I’m a terrible Minnesotan…I have yet to go to a Twins baseball game at their new stadium, which opened in 2010, yet I’ve been to a Nationals Park in D.C. TWICE)

Well, I can day dream for now. I’m bound and determined to get there some day. It doesn’t have to be today.

flashback to that one time when I showed some school spirit on the National Mall

5 Replies to “Homesick for The District”

  1. I feel the same in this moment of my life… Maybe it’s a thing that comes when everything is changing in your life, you wanna go to D.C. Now that you are graduating as I wanna move to Rome to university as soon as I finish this school.
    I think it’s connected with what’s appening in our lives. It’s a period of transition for both me and you, I suppose, and we want to change radically everything, not only the job or things like that (which are quite important though).

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    1. I agree. I have no idea if I’ll want to stay in D.C. forever, but this is a period of transition and I definitely do want a bit of a radical change. I’ve spent the last four years living in a rural area and I now want to experience an urban setting for a least a little while.

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