I have a new different blog.

Yes, different is definitely a better word choice. The blog is indeed new, but I believe that, in this context, new seems to imply that it is replacing this blog (or
maybe I’m just thinking too much about this).

Well, I definitely have no intentions of shutting down It’s a Britta Bottle! anytime soon.

This different blog in question is an academic blog. It was created for the sole purpose of documenting my experiences in the distance mentorship course that I am participating in this semester. Which means most people probably could care less about it. Despite that very probable bit of information, I thought I’d announce this different blog here anyways…after all, ya never know who might want to stop by!

If you like history–particularly War War I history and/or local history–or are interested in digital scholarship, I would encourage you to check this different blog out. Of course, if you find that you want to hear more of my unique and exceptional voice life adventures, you are more than welcome to stop by too (yeah, decided not to sound like a pretentious ass there). Of course, these life adventures will be more scholarly, but they are life adventures none-the-less!

In my last post, I discussed personal reasons for why I probably wont be posting here as frequently as I have been for about the last month. I certainly don’t think it is in my best interest to be blogging everyday because of some personal uncertainties, at least not for the time being. However, I also have an extremely busy semester ahead of me…and trying to maintain two blogs at the same time is going to be rough in the midst of all that! The academic blog comes first too, since I’m actually getting graded on that.

If you want to take a look at this academic blog, you can find a link to it here.

The RSS feed for it is also available on this blog’s sidebar if you scroll down a bit.

For those of you who recall my lament about being unable to find the perfect theme for this blog…well, I picked a theme and I’m not really satisfied with it, but I really do have more important things to do than make this blog look pretty. So, I’ll just remain unsatisfied with it. But hey, it’s only a temporary blog, anyways. I will only be using throughout the course of this semester, after all.

If you choose to follow along with my adventures this semester, I welcome you.

If you are bored to tears by the thought of World War I history and would rather watch grass grow than submit yourself to such humdrum, I completely understand. In that case, please disregard this announcement. History is not for everyone, yo.


  1. That graphic about what people think of History Majors…I can feel that one right down to my bones. I’m working on a Master’s Degree in history, and I did undergraduate work in archaeology, for which some of that is even more true. (Particularly the Indiana Jones picture, obviously. It’s very hard to explain to non-archaeology people why I was so amazingly thrilled to unearth a burnt corn cob in the Peruvian desert. Even after I explained to them, repeatedly, that it was burnt around the year 1300. To me, that corn cob the size of my pinky finger was just as exciting as a golden idol. Well…*almost* as exciting…)

    Good luck with your classwork this semester. 🙂 World War I isn’t really my cup of tea (I prefer ancient Greece) but this “distance mentorship” thing sounds interesting, so I’ll have to check out your other blog and see what it’s all about.

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    1. Thank you for the comment and your input! I guess I identify most with the one on the bottom right, just because I have so much reading for my history major. I get more reading assigned in my history classes than in my English classes (I’m an English major too).

      The distance mentorship is definitely a really cool opportunity. I don’t know a whole lot about technology, so I’m looking forward to learning more about that. It will be an exciting and interesting experience that’s for sure!


  2. I love the use of the history meme. My dad teaches high school history and has a real passion for it. Because of him, I like history, but I’m not a buff by any means. English is where it’s at for me. 😀

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    1. Of course, I love both English and history (I mean, I am majoring in both, after all) but History is where I get really, really nerdy and passionate. I love to write, and read, and contemplate words, but I certainly don’t get as excited about literary analysis as I do about discovering something new in the archives. 🙂

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