An Example of How I Should Probably Sort out my Priorities…

I have been stressing out all day because I can’t seem to find the perfect theme for my Century America Blog (that’s the distance mentorship class I’m currently taking that I’ve mentioned before in previous posts).

Oh yeah, newsflash! I have a new blog now!

It’s all academicy and such, so don’t expect anything too exciting (however, if you are extremely interested in local history and/or World War I history, then I will highly encourage you to head over there once I get it presentable enough to post a link to it).

One of our assignments to do before next week is to name our blog, update it to our liking, and write our first post.

Sounds like three assignments of Blogging 101 in one! Hehe

Anywho, I’m still thinking about the name. I think it will be pretty simple…something that will easily describe my research project to avoid any confusion.

I already have an About page written up, though I’ll probably continue to edit it slightly.

My biggest problem, though? MY THEME!

The Century America people utilized to create blogs for all of us students.  Unlike the dot com website that most everyone I communicate with on WordPress uses for their personal blogs, works just a little bit differently than what I’m used to so that I’m still adjusting to it (though I did just start playing with it today). I also have access to A BAZILLION MORE THEMES THAN I USUALLY DO! I just don’t know how to find the right one! Here I am, just wishing for my nice, simple Penscratch Theme, and instead I have this plethora of new and exciting themes (well, at least to me) at my finger tips. And none of them seem right for my course blog! I mean, I could probably find and use Penscratch…but I do kind of want to use one of those ones that I don’t have access to here, well, because I can!

Yes, yes, I have hours and hours of research ahead of me for this course.

And I’m stressing over what theme to use on my blog.

Blogger problems, yo.

8 Replies to “An Example of How I Should Probably Sort out my Priorities…”

  1. I say go for a new theme! And if you run into html problems just post in blogging 101 forum 🙂 People reply so quickly to questions in there!


    1. I have a new theme picked out, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it. I didn’t think of asking anyone in Blogging 101, but that’s a good idea…if I run into any real issues, I will! I know we’re going to go over some WordPressy things in class, but I don’t know how much detail we’ll get into with HTML and all that.


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