A Need for Sleep

A mere few minutes ago, I was planning on braving the -11 F weather to trudge the twenty steps to the gym. 

(Okay, maybe it’s closer to forty steps but still…I’ve said before that I go to school on a small campus and when I said small, I meant small!)

Yeah, it’s after 9:00 on a Monday night, but recently, I’ve kind of become the queen of late workouts.

I was dressed and ready to go. My gym bag was packed. I was about to put my coat on. I had ended a text conversation in preparation for undisturbed workout mode.

And then I realized I was exhausted.

Okay, so I knew this before…but I was avoiding the obvious because I was bound and determined to get a work out in.

Now, my day wasn’t taxing. After all, I didn’t have any class today. I got up at 9:30, did some research, went to work, met with one of my staff members, and ate a few times.

Most low key day ever.

I should be bubbling with energy, right?


The last two nights, I’ve gone to bed at 3 am or later. My usual bedtime of late has become 2:00 or later. My sleep schedule is so out of wack. THIS ISN’T OKAY!

I did absolutely nothing strenuous today. I should have more than enough energy get a work out in tonight. The fact that I am too tired to is a bit of a major problem.

2015 is the year of balance.

Balance comes in all different forms.

I’m going to start this semester off right and go to bed at a decent hour tonight. I have my first day of classes tomorrow and I want to be well-rested for that.

Today is only Monday and I have the whole week to work out once or twice or even three times.

But first…a relaxing evening and EARLY BEDTIME!

After all, there is more than one way to stay healthy…

no workey outey for Britta tonight!

2 Replies to “A Need for Sleep”

    1. I’m trying my best though it’s not always easy being healthy as a busy college student. Last semester I averaged five hours of sleep on regular night and I really need more than that to be awake and alert on a day to day basis; I want to try my best to get more sleep this semester!


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