In Which I Apostrophize Winter Break in Order to Give it a Heartfelt Farewell

Well, look at me…I’m such a big girl English major using literary devices like apostrophe in a blog post!

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Anywho, that was a bit of an unnecessary digression (okay, it was so necessary). Onward to the Heartfelt Farewell!

Winter break. It’s been real.


I was not ready for you to end so soon.

Well, I guess you’re not over yet…the semester doesn’t start until Monday after all…and I don’t even have class on Monday, so who am I to complain! It’s just that I’m back on campus and even though classes haven’t started, it feels like break has ended because of that gosh darnnit! Being back isn’t so bad I guess; I’m just so not mentally prepared for next semester and the thought that it will begin sooner than later has not been easy to digest.

This isn’t supposed to be a complain-fest though.

This is supposed to be a thank you to you, winter break. You, my last winter break. Next year at this time I will be a college graduate. College graduates don’t get winter breaks. Well, at least the college graduate I plan on being wont get one.

It’s bittersweet, really. I’m so ready for the next chapter of my life, yet I’m still clinging to you like no other. Because next year, you wont be a thing for me.

Oh winter break, you have been so good to me. I had the opportunity to meet up with old friends who I haven’t seen in a while. I went to an amazingly awesome concert with my best friend. I started submitting big girl job applications (with both excitement and nervousness brewing within me). I spent the new year with my favorite college pals and did some pretty bomb ass kareoke (yeah, it was awesome). I got to spend time with family and eat lottts of good food. I read for fun (something I’m going to do more often this semester because I only have twelve credits and balance is my word this year, but gosh it was so good to read for fun after such a busy semester). I also did lots of blogging and feel like I’m beginning to develop some wonderful relationships with other fellow bloggers. SO EXCITING!

Thank you winter break, thank you; this was a much needed time off and I feel like I spent my time so well. I guess I deserve a pat on the back too for making the most of my time, but it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

I guess it will be nice to get back in the swing of things at school. Let’s face it, I probably would have gotten bored if I had stayed at home for much longer. I’ll for sure have lots to keep me busy at school! So much to do…including Blogging 101, which I’ve kind of been doing a sucky job of so far.

Well, breaks wouldn’t be breaks if they didn’t end sometime. They wouldn’t be so meaningful if they weren’t so short and sweet.

It’s been so real, winter break, but now I think it’s about time that I bid you farewell.

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