Same Blog, Different Title: Welcome to It’s a Britta Bottle!

Welcome one, welcome all, to my newly titled blog, It’s a Britta Bottle!

So, today I signed up for the January 2015 edition of Blogging 101. Kind of on a whim, but I guess that’s what I do best with this blog business (I created this blog on a whim, after all). I’m a bit of a late starter to Blogging 101, but better late than never, ya know! I didn’t do yesterday’s assignment (well, I did just sign up today) but I promise I’ll be doing the rest of them! Today’s assignment is to edit your title and tagline! How perfect, since I was going to do that today anyhow! I’m so excited to learn how to be a better blogger and to meet more fellow bloggers through Blogging 101 but for now, let’s get into the actual purpose of this post:

I’m so excited for this name change. I had begun to grow unsatisfied with my old name, “What is Past is Prologue,” some time ago, as I didn’t think it was accomplishing what I was wanting to do with this blog. It also was terribly
unoriginal (there were at least three other blogs with that exact name or a variation of it when I first created this blog in August). This new name is so much more fitting and more creative, and I’m so happy with it!

Well, what’s a Britta Bottle, then?

The obvious answer is this:

Yes, yes, we all know about the existence of the Brita Water Filter. People are always so apt to remind me of that. In ninth grade honors civics, the boy who sat next to me decided to nickname me “Water Filter” in honor of this.

Well, obviously, this new title isn’t an ode to the water filter. I mean, if you can read at all, you’ll notice that the water filter’s spelling is missing one important T that my name has. My name is Britta. NOT Brita.

Regardless, I still get a bit of a kick out of my name being associated with the Water Filter when in reality, the name Britta (spelled both with one T and two) was a thing way before the Brita Water Filter came into existence–it’s been a popular name in Scandinavia for over a century. I decided long ago to take any Water Filter associations with humor and acceptance. I mean, it’s not that big of a deal and let’s face it–life is too short to sweat the small things.

Most recently, one of my lovely roommates in Washington D.C. took to calling me “Britta Bottle” as a term of endearment. I took a liking to the nickname; when I initially created this blog, I made brittabottle my web address in honor of Gabby’s nickname. My adjoining Instagram account has the same title for its username.

In searching for a new blog title, “It’s a Britta Bottle!” was the first name that came to mind. I toyed around with a few others, but kept coming back to this one. I decided it had to be the one; the reservations I was having were only because I was apprehensive about actually going through with the name change–will people like it? Will they still want to read my blog? What if this is a terrible idea? Well, I sure hope people like it. This blog is for me, though, so I decided that what matters most is if I like it…and I do! It makes more sense with my web address also, which I’m a big fan of.

What’s a Britta Bottle then? Well, that’s easy. I’m Britta and my nickname, courtesy of Gabby, is Britta Bottle…so naturally, I’m a Britta Bottle! As this blog is an extension of myself, it only made sense to name it as such.

I firmly believe this title represents my personality better than “What Is Past Is Prologue” ever did. This blog is about me, after all. I want it to document everything I feel is worth writing about, whether that be my anxiety, my personal milestones, or just random musings. I also want it to be a creative outlet as I continue to push myself as a writer. I firmly believe this new title will represent all of that because it represents me and I am all of that.

As for the subtitle…well, I wouldn’t say I am necessarily hopeless…I just liked the ring and touch of drama  that it adds to it (since I can be over dramatic). I am, however, very confused. About everything. I think I have something figured out  one minute and the next minute I’m questioning it all over again. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all…I more so think it’s a part of growing up and figuring out what I want from this life.

So, with that, I invite you to join me on my continued adventures in blogging. Whether you’re new to this blog or have been reading along for a while, I extend a warm welcome to you all. Welcome to It’s a Britta Bottle! It’s the same blog, just a different title.

Also, just a heads up–I will continue to make small changes as I see fit in order to continually better reflect this change in direction.

17 Replies to “Same Blog, Different Title: Welcome to It’s a Britta Bottle!”

  1. Hi neighbour and fellow wordpress 101 blogger…I love the new name so much better than the old one and wish you many more follows and likes .Hope you got my link ok.


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