The Challenge of Writing and Direction, Direction, Direction

There are so many ideas wanting to escape my mind into a thoughtful and well-constructed blog post.

The only problem? none of those ideas are maturing into thoughtful topics to actively write about at the moment.

I have half of a draft typed up in the next tab over where I discuss my frustration with not being able to come up with anything useful, interesting, exciting to write about. I’m unsatisfied with where the draft is going and it probably wont be published.

The thing is, there’s always something to write about.

Anyone who says otherwise is not looking hard enough.

I view writing as therapy; when I need to get something pressing off of my mind, I immediately turn to writing.

However, there are days when that need to write isn’t there.

Today is one of those days.

Yet, I still want to publish something. I’ve been posting on a daily basis since December 1. Initially, I made a goal to publish at least one post for the entire month of December. I successfully managed this despite the pressure of the end of the semester and finals (blogging proved to be an excellent procrastination method). I had considered taking a few days off once January arrived, but here I am, blogging away.

The truth is, I love the challenge. I want to continue to develop my voice and push myself to write even when I don’t feel like it or don’t have any ideas readily at hand. My blog is a personal outlet, but I also want it to be a creative outlet.

I’ve actually been considering changing the name of my blog to better represent the direction I want to take my blog in. I’m still a twenty something searching for a place in the world, but over the last few months, I’ve realized that I want to live in the present more than anything–yes, I can still search for my place, but in doing so I don’t want to lose sight of making the most of where I am currently.

(yeah, so don’t be alarmed if you log onto WordPress one of these days to discover that What is Past is Prologue has a new name)

I was an avid writer as a child but stopped writing regularly in high school; I would write journal entries about every six months, but that was it. I love blogging because it has allowed me to force myself to write on a regular basis. Now that I’m doing that, I want to not only continue to hone my writing skills, but also to continue to push myself as a writer.

As I continue on with this blogging business, I want to continue to push myself to always find something to write about when I sit down to blog. I don’t know how much longer I’ll continue to post on a daily basis. For now it’s working. I do want to continue to be an active blogger, but I can still do that without posting everyday! You and I, dear readers, will just have to see what happens, I guess.

With that, I’ve been pondering something quite serious of late:

Why is it that fruity drinks are associated with femininity while beer and whisky are associated with masculinity? One of my guy friends and I are quite intrigued by this, as he much prefers fruity drinks and I much prefer beer and whiskey. Gender stereotypes, though.

I told you it was a serious contemplation.

Okay, but really, in all seriousness, look for a name change coming soon and don’t be alarmed! It will be the same old me posting as usual, just with a blog title that better fits my personality and what I’m now aiming for in this blog after being at it for a while (I created What is Past is Prologue on a bit of a whim–a whim, I might add, that I am so thankful for now–and pretty much picked the first name that came to my head…I loved the quote that I initially saw at the National Archives and thought it worked at the time…well, it did work…but I can safely say that I put zero effort into it).

This blog is for me. For me to express myself when I feel uncertain about life but also for me to develop and push myself as a writer.

Because I am a writer. I lost sight of that part of myself in my mid-to-late teens and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

2 Replies to “The Challenge of Writing and Direction, Direction, Direction”

  1. Nice read. I can relate. In fact, i want to start new blogs with a focus: 1- story writing 2- advice to my children and the generations next 3- food and places criticism and advice 4- politics 5- the general blog on daily thoughts and opinion.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you for stopping by!
      I’ve briefly thought about starting another blog, but I just think that would be much too stressful for me. I think a name change and an ever-so-slight shift in focus is the next best option…I’m just trying to figure out how to go about that at this point!


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