Reevaluating my Reasons for Blogging

Recently, I’ve been considering my own personal reasons for blogging. It’s a worthy topic to evaluate, especially since I’ve realized that my reasons for blogging are not quite the same as when I initially started this blogging business in the fall of 2013.

When I started blogging, I was looking for a way to express myself; to get everything in my mind out onto a page; to understand myself better and give myself confidence. While I was still using my first blog, I came to realize how important writing is for my mental health. So, blogging became a way for me to not only express myself, but also something akin to free counseling sessions with myself. Often times, when I’m feeling stressed or anxious, I’ll come into a post ready to pour out my feelings with absolutely no direction; only in the process of writing will a direction manifest itself. Usually, this process involves self-discoveries, a better understanding of my circumstances–both of which help in calming any stress or anxieties I might have.

If you put all that in a nutshell, my early attempts at blogging were entirely for myself. The thought of other people reading my work excited me, yes, but that wasn’t the main reason I started to blog.  

This outlook of writing for myself remained true for me in the first couple months of What is Past is Prologue. I would occasionally share a post I was particularly proud of on Facebook so my friends and family could take a look at it, but I was most concerned with the way the writing on my blog was fulfilling my own needs.

Okay, well, I guess that hasn’t changed. I still write first and foremost for myself. The biggest difference then? Well, I discovered this beautiful WordPress community that exists of fellow bloggers who are both unbelievably talented and unbelievably supportive. Somewhere in mid-November, I began to realize that other people were reading my blog; I was gathering a small, but growing group of followers (this group is still very small and slowly growing); fellow bloggers were liking and occasionally commenting on my posts. I became curious (and, to be quite honest, hungry for more followers), so I checked out the work of these fellow bloggers. Through these bloggers, I found other bloggers. I started to comment on other people’s work; I started to engage in this community. I became interested in what other bloggers had to say and became invested in not just my own work, but in the work of others on WordPress. I began to realize how truly amazing people are in this community. The support and encouragement I have received from fellow bloggers is truly inspiring. I began to realize that this is a community I very much want to be a part of.

I’m no longer the starved baby blogger who is desperate for followers; yes, I still get excited when I see I have a new follower or two, but I also realize that only a handful of those followers will continually read my writing and even a smaller handful will continually take the time to comment and interact with me on my blog. While I admit I still get a small thrill when I see I have new followers, I have become much more interested in interacting with other bloggers in this amazing virtual community–getting to know them a little better through their work and the exchanges I have with them.

So, yes, I still very much write for myself when I blog. However, I also write to communicate with others. I have a small group of fellow bloggers who are now reading my blog on a regular basis, which I think is pretty amazing…like wow, people actually think I have interesting stuff to say! The first person I write for continues to be myself, but I also know that whatever I write will be read by others too. I also want to be an active member of the WordPress community because I truly believe it is such a wonderful and welcoming community.

I’m so glad I made the decision to join this community and I want to make the most of that!

I blog to write, yes, and I most certainly write for myself. However, I also write to communicate. Writing is a conversation, a conversation that takes place within myself, but also now, thanks to WordPress, with others too.

5 Replies to “Reevaluating my Reasons for Blogging”

  1. Britta, so glad you took this plunge. You’rein for such growth and discovery in 2015 as you share your voice and learn from other blogs and your readers. It rocks.

    And no matter how many followers a blogger has, a new reader ir commenter is always something to be excited about.

    Look forward to having you guest post for me too.


    1. Thank you so much for your continued support, Eli. It really means a lot!

      I’m looking forward to what 2015 brings for both myself and everyone else in the blogging community and I’m especially excited to guest post for you!

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  2. Hi Britta, I’m so glad you’ve discovered how great the WordPress community can be, and yes getting new followers can be addictive. It’s even better when you find people you really connect with. Best of luck and I can’t wait to read more 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your support, Jennifer!

      I’m definitely looking forward to what 2015 brings for me in the blogosphere; I’m excited to make more connections and learn so much from all of you fellow bloggers.

      (p.s. I initially posted this reply days ago and just noticed that I accidentally posted it as a reply to my original post rather than a reply to your reply 🙂 )

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