Continued Adventures in Job Hunting

I just submitted my first big girl job application, which is, I dunno, exciting and nerve racking and kind of crazy.

If you recall one of my posts from last week, you’ll remember that I was feeling a little overwhelmed in getting this application turned in.

Well, Christmas happened and family time happened, so it took a little longer to finish up than I would have liked, but as of this evening, it’s completed and sent in to the appropriate people! Thank goodness my mom was available to help me make this application sound professional and all that jazz.

I just have to keep telling myself this is my first job application…it’s okay if I’m not successful this time around. I still have four months before I graduate, so there’s no need to panic now!

In the mean time, I have a few more applications that I intend on submitting before winter break ends and I’m going to continue to check for postings in the D.C. area!

It’ll all work out in the end.

Let’s keep on the bright side…this uncertainty is all part of the adventure that is life!

I should probably still make an effort to be more proactive than this relaxed cat…

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