Silence is Really, Really Golden

After a nice day spending time with my family, including my aunt and twelve year old cousins whom I haven’t seen in over a year, I’m ready for some quiet, introvert time.

Only problem? No one else seems interested in that at the moment.

I am currently sitting in the kitchen at my grandma’s house in between two rooms that have TVs in them. Both TVs are on, competing for the attention that I refuse to give them.  To further this strain, one of my cousins is sitting next to me trying to show me pictures of dogs on her phone, something I’m really, quite frankly, not interested in.

I could go to the basement but man, it’s cold down there!

All I want to do is blog and read my book (oh, a juicy popular fiction novel…I forgot how good pop fiction could be since the few books I’ve read for fun have of late have been classics, which are wonderful…but they tend to be dense and sometimes a bit of lighter reading is necessary).

I’ve enjoyed these last couple days at grandma’s, especially since I haven’t seen my cousins in such a long time.

But oh, it will be nice to go back home where I can find some peace and quiet.

Silence is really quite golden. It’s so easy to forget that until it is so readily unavailable.

Grumpy Cat knows what’s up

Yeah, too bad I can’t duct tape the television…

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