Excuse Me while I get Maybe a Little too Excited About Photography

Realization of the day:

I am a writer who has a deep-set appreciation for the work that other writers produce. That is an undeniable fact about myself that will probably never change.

That being said, oh man, the amount of photography blogs I have been following of late is kind of ridiculous.

I’ve had a weak spot for good photography since I first met Nina, one of my freshman floor mates, who started her own photography business while still in high school. Nina is an absolutely phenomenal photographer and I deeply admire her work. Whenever I view the work of other photographers, I admit I get a little haughty as I compare their work to hers (I do realize I am in absolutely no position to to do this; I am no photographer myself after all and it is just kind of wrong, but I do admit it still happens).

Well, I have recently discovered ALL THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographers right here on WordPress, which has just made my weak spot for good photography even larger. Oh man, from amateurs to professionals to everywhere in between, you are so good at what you do!

I give a big shout out to Nina because I really do credit her work for sparking my interest in photography as an art. It has been so fun to watch her hone her skills and become even better at what she does throughout these four years since I first met her. With that in mind, I’m so excited to continue this little hobby of mine, which I will call “Britta admires photography,” on WordPress.

I still give my love to all my fellow writers out there, of course. As a writer myself, I understand how meaningful and rewarding writing is, as well as how hard it can be too.

This post is a thank you to all the photographers on WordPress, though. You inspire me with all the beauty you capture, even in the most mundane, day-to-day objects.

Cheesy, I know. Don’t care, though.

2 Replies to “Excuse Me while I get Maybe a Little too Excited About Photography”

    1. Absolutely. There are so many amazing bloggers on WordPress; I am continually impressed by the blogs I’m coming across and by the people I’m meeting here. I think WordPress just rocks in general, and WordPress wouldn’t be WordPress with all the amazing people on here. 🙂

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