A Love Letter to The Script

Don’t ask me how listening to a band whose lyrics mostly revolve around break ups, lost love, and other less than cheery subjects has become a coping mechanism for my anxiety.

Maybe it’s because, despite all the sadness in their songs, their music still evokes such a feeling of hope, even if it’s only a fleeting hope.

Needless to say, The Script is all I’ve wanted to listen to the last day or two. In fact, I’m listening to them right now as I write this. If only The Script had a Christmas album. Now, that would be perfect. Well, actually, probably not…there probably doesn’t need to be another mediocre Christmas album out on the market; as much as I love The Script, I just can’t picture them putting out a Christmas album worth fawning over. It just doesn’t seem like the type of thing they’d excel at.

I was first introduced to The Script a long long time ago. Probably in 2008 or 2009. One of their singles, “Before the Worst” was a free song on iTunes one week; being the type of person that loves both new music and free stuff, I took a listen to it, decided I liked it, and downloaded it. Somewhere along the line, I started listening to more of their music and developed quite the liking for them.

I went through a period where I absolutely adored The Script, in a love affair that began about four years ago; I fell in love with The Script after I saw them in concert in the Fall of 2010. This is before they were really big;  the concert was at The State Theater in Minneapolis, a much smaller venue than the stadium tours they have been known to go on of late. I liked their music and was excited to see them in concert, but it wasn’t until after the concert that Danny, Mark, and Glen, the three members that make up The Script, became my musical heroes.

After the concert, I noticed a bunch of fans lining up outside the back door of the theater waiting for the band to come out; well, naturally, I had to be a part of that since I loved the concert and jumped at the chance to meet them. I convinced my mom, who ended up being my date since all the friends I invited were unable to attend that night, to join the crowd. She thought I was a bit of a crazy teenager, but she relented and we joined the small group waiting by the backstage doors. It was an hour or so until they emerged. They were so friendly; they stuck around and talked to everyone who was there, signing autographs and engaging in conversation. I was much too shy to have any real conversation with any of the group, but I did get a few pictures, including one with Danny, the lead singer, whom I naturally became convinced I would marry in the aftermath of that occurrence…because obviously a man in an up and coming band who is at least ten years my senior would had liked nothing better than to marry my day dreaming seventeen-year-old self who knew nothing about relationships or love.

Thoughts of marrying Danny aside, I thought the concert was great; really, though, I think it was seeing how friendly they were with everyone afterwards that made me fall hard core for this group. If I could have been, I would have become their number one fan girl, traveling around to all their concerts to see them again and again.

Shy, seventeen year old, pre-bangs Britta with Danny O’Donoghue, the lead singer of The Script, whom she was convinced she would marry for at least a good 6 months.

Well, I’m no longer the obsessed fan girl that I was four years ago. There are certainly musicians out there who I think are more talented than The Script. Generally speaking, I’d much rather support less-well known musicians because apparently college has turned me into a bit of a hipster? Well, whatever, the point I’m trying to make is that, in many ways, The Script aren’t that different from the plethora of other pop groups out there. It’s not that I don’t like listening to popular music, I do, I just find more pleasure out of finding and supporting less well known musicians who clearly have a hell of a lot of talent.

Despite all that, I keep coming back to them. Even their third album, #3, which is by far their weakest album in my opinion (and in the opinion of all the reviews I’ve read) still has a soft spot in my heart. Something about them keeps my head up, even when I’m feeling down. Their music helps to keep my anxiety at bay. I really think it is that hopefulness I see in even their darkest lyrics.

The fact of the matter is,the music The Script produces calms my anxiety. Their music makes me feel better when I’m feeling down. That’s why I keep coming back to them. That’s why I’ll keep listening to them and supporting them. This pop trio from Dublin, Ireland has managed to make a difference in my life; that’s pretty impressive. I don’t care if they’re not the most talented or most creative band out there…not many other musical groups have managed to have such a positive impact on my life.

One of their older songs, but one of my favorites.

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