Advanced Apologies for the Nerdiness of this Post (Buttttt not really)

Book nerds and fans of Gilmore Girls alike should appreciate this one.

I give you the newest addition to my room door:

IMG_20141218_150709224I arrived back at my room earlier today to find this beauty just waiting for me to fawn over.

The CA of the floor I live on is getting a head start on her door decs for next semester (props to her, seriously…that was something I did at the last minute before residents moved back in in January).

Her theme for next semester? GILMORE GIRLS!

And since she knows me to be the nerdy English major that I am, she only gave me the best from Rory Gilmore.

The fact that I’m this excited over a door decoration is a little ridiculous. Clearly it’s been a long semester, folks.

5 Replies to “Advanced Apologies for the Nerdiness of this Post (Buttttt not really)”

    1. It wasn’t my idea, but I’m sure enjoying it as a nice addition to my door.
      The CA who is responsible for it told me later that I remind her of Rory a little bit. **swoons with flattery** 🙂


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