Life’s Little Victories as Told Through Pictures, First Edition

Last spring, I participated in the 100 Days of Happy challenge that has been going around the internet for a little while. During a time period where I was experiencing severe anxiety on a day-to-day basis, this challenge developed into a way for me to push forward. I was bound and determined to finish this challenge and I did. Taking pictures every day developed into a safe routine and though it wasn’t always easy to take a picture every day, especially on my worst anxiety-filled days, it was, in the end, a very satisfying experience.

With 100 Happy Days in mind, I bring you my newest addition to What is Past is Prologue–“Life’s Little Victories as Told Through Pictures”–a post series that will document the good things in life through, well, pictures…the title is kind of self explanatory, I think. I don’t know how frequent this series will be, but it’s happening!

I’m excited–what is life without little victories, after all? It’s the little things in life that matter most.

So, without further ado, I bring you my first set of pictures…


I’m participating in a really cool distance mentorship program next semester. This will be a fantastic opportunity for me to learn and grow as a historian, especially since I’d like to go back to school for a graduate degree in history in the future. Since this is a nontraditional course–I will be working with students and professors from schools all over the country and our class meetings will be taking place via web conferences–I need to go through the directed study program at Morris in order to receive credit. I just turned this little baby in today for all the important administrative people to sign, which means I’m one step closer to having this distance mentorship program for credit and to having my schedule better figured out for next semester, since it’s kind of a mess now!

IMG_20141216_113806I received a surprise Christmas gift from my dear friend, Laura, the other day. I’ve never been much of a perfume person. I have some body mist and sprays, but I rarely wear them…mostly because they are too strong and I tend to get headaches when I wear them all day. So, this body spray is going to be the same, right Britta? You’ll keep it around to look pretty on your vanity (LOL, more like a shelf…I don’t have a vanity) and you’ll wear it twice a year at the most.

Well, actually, Laura tested every single body fragrance in the store, searching for the perfect one for me. She knew I didn’t wear any scents on a regular basis and purposefully looked for a lighter spray that wouldn’t be so overwhelming. After much consideration, she finally found this one…and I LOVE IT! It’s not overwhelming at all and it makes me feel like a lady. I feel like I belong in Downton Abbey or something…this really says something considering I’m one of the clumsiest people on the planet and would hardly describe myself as a lady, ever…

This is a multi-victory little victory–Laura wins big for being such a thoughtful friend and I win for not getting a headache from this fragrance and loving it at the same time.

IMG_20141216_113424My “I’M DONE WITH FINALS AND ONLY HAVE TWO MORE ASSIGNMENTS TO TURN IN BEFORE I’M DONE WITH THE SEMESTER” face. Two writing assignments left, people. TWO! They are both due Thursday, so I have some time. I’m going to go work out today after lunch (oh the beauty!) and then I’m going to get to work so I can finish these two assignments in a timely manner. Winter break is calling!

WAIT WUTThat moment when a successful blogger tells you this. Wait, what? I continue to be astounded by all the support I have gotten and continue to get from the WordPress community. I may be a baby blogger, but I do have big dreams. I have no idea how successful this blog will get; that doesn’t really matter in the long run, since I blog for myself more than anyone. However, I love when people take an active interest in my writing here; it means so much that people are willing to help me out in getting some more exposure on the Web. THANK YOU! (Side note–I think I win the award for the most awkward sized screen shot of the century, which I managed to make even more awkward with the maybe a little bit too large blue background behind it)

That’s all for this edition of Life’s Little Victories as Told Through Pictures. Stay tuned for next time!

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy your own little victories. Take ’em while you get them, folks! After all, the little things do really make all the difference. I don’t care how cliché that sounds…it’s true!

4 Replies to “Life’s Little Victories as Told Through Pictures, First Edition”

  1. Aww, what a wonderfully warm and fuzzy post! Anxiety majorly sucks. It’s so fabulous that you’ve found your way through it by celebrating the little things, some of which sound like some pretty big things. Congrats and keep those little victories coming!

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    1. Yay! I’m glad you found my blog and decided to stick around! It’s so true, though…it’s easy to get caught up in all the negativity in the world and lose sight of what matters most. I’m happy you enjoyed this post. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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