Word of the Month: Procrastination

Hello friends. I’m a senior in college who is so over this semester. Apparently I am an expert procrastinator. Welcome to my life.

A quick snapshot of my productivity today:

After spending an hour in the dining hall at lunch talking with friends and relentlessly avoiding getting back to work, I eventually made it back to my room. I was determined to get some reading for school done. I took off my boots, made myself up a comfy seat on my couch, and commenced with my reading  (after moving the three columns of books for my senior seminar project–I have been too busy to return them to the library–that were taking up valuable sitting space).

Well, I got all of two pages into my reading for Hmong in Minnesota when I decided I was feeling awfully tired. So I took a nap.

I guess I haven’t been getting very much sleep lately, so the nap was probably really good for me. I’m not complaining about the nap…it was really quite nice. I’m just saying my work ethic has been absolutely terrible of late.

All I can say is, thank goodness the semester is over next Thursday.

Now, to begin a rough draft that’s due tomorrow. I’m not that worried about it, mind you–the final paper is only supposed to be 4-8 pages and the professor told us we only need two pages for tomorrow…which I can easily do, right?

This is too easy (says the girl who stayed up till 4 am, waiting until the last possible moment to finish her senior seminar paper the other night).

But really, I should stop looking for excuses and finish this post up…I really need to do some homework!

7 Replies to “Word of the Month: Procrastination”

    1. Wow, really? If you want to take a look at it, I did something a little crazy and decided to write out the entirety of my draft on WordPress and then publish it. Not how I was planning on approaching the paper, but it helped me stop procrastinating!

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      1. Your writing felt quite free and it flowed well in that assignment. I love the concept of the assignment, too. When we’re allow to write freely, that’s when expression happens. When we must write with restrictions or conditions, that’s valuable too, because that’s when our skills develop.

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      2. Thank you for your feedback. It still needs some major work and the final product will probably look quite different, but I feel pretty good about this rough draft.


      3. So, the first one is just getting the thoughts out, right? Seriously, if you’d like me to go through it and offer suggestions, let me know. I used to edit for newspapers.

        You should feel good about this! Your voice comes through loud and clear. Love it.


      4. Basically. One of the other main themes we’ve talked about this semester is viewing writing as a process, not a product. My professor this semester is all about messy writing. She kind of expects us to turn in shitty rough drafts (and those are her words, not mine).

        If I get my paper done in a timely matter, I just might! Thanks again!


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