Writing is the Wurst

**Disclaimer** I take absolutely no credit for the title of this blog post or the visual provided below. See below for more details.

So, I’ve talking about this Understanding Writing class I’ve been taking this semester, right? Okay, well, I feel like I’ve actually been more gushing about it than anything.

You might be asking, “What is this strange and mysterious class, Britta? What is really so great about it, pray tell?”

Well, I’m here to tell you. Okay, actually I’ve just provided a visual because I really don’t know how I could successfully fit all my thoughts about this class into one
post without it turning into some sort of kitschy and overly long sort of memoir.

This class really has changed my life though, which may be difficult for anyone who is unenthusiastic about school to understand.

One of my lovely classmates made the visual I’ve provided below (a video) for her big project for the class. You know that paper that I stayed up until 5 am finishing for last Thursday after hours of un-productiveness? Well, that was for this same project. All the work she put into this video makes my work for this project seem entirely inadequate, especially given how uninspiring and under-practiced my presentation was; yup, I presented it last Thursday while running off of four hours of sleep and zero practice time. Well played, Britta, well played.

This is a fantastic video though, and although it doesn’t cover all of what comp studies is about, it gives a pretty good taste of what people in the field actually study.

She also provided a link to my blog in its description, which I greatly appreciate; I thought I’d do the same for her marvelous work.

I strongly encourage you to watch and enjoy (because besides being informative, it is also happens to be hilarious).


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