The ONE Thing I will NOT Miss About Living in a Residence Hall…


I work as a student Hall Director at Morris and was a Community Adviser (more commonly known as an RA) for the last two years. I’ve lived on campus in a residence hall setting all four years of college and I love it. I love the community. I love the accessibility to campus (especially during the cold Minnesota winter!). I love all the opportunities for learning and growth that residence hall living enables.

It’s sure not for everyone, but it’s worked for me.

That being said, communal bathrooms are THE WORST and will not be missed.

This year particularly, the female residents whom I share one of the floor bathrooms with are really messy. and it’s kind of disgusting. and the toilets have really bad water pressure when it comes to flushing so, well, you can imagine what might happen when people don’t stop to see if everything has flushed properly…

I sit here writing this as I wait for the shower in the bathroom nearest to me to open up (well, yes, I could go to the other bathroom on the floor, but that would mean I’d have to walk a sizable distance in only my robe and I’m really not feeling that right now).

Sharing a bathroom with at least ten other girls is definitely rough sometimes. I know there are worse things in life, but I firmly believe that sometimes ranting is necessary, even if it is about the smaller things.

I love residence hall living; I do not love communal bathrooms and the day when I have a bathroom to call my own will be nothing short of beautiful.

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