A Different Way of Being Productive

A valuable realization that I’ve recently come to:

Blogging isn’t a waste of time; it is a different way of being productive.

I  used to feel bad about spending time blogging when I knew I should have been doing homework. Let’s face it though, sometimes homework just doesn’t happen. If I wasn’t writing, I’d probably be staring at Facebook for an ungodly amount of time anyways. Let’s see…which one sounds more productive now–blogging or Facebook?

Gone are the days of feeling bad about blogging. It’s how I de-stress, hence why I’ve been posting an exceptional amount lately.
Since returning to writing on a regular basis, my mental well-being has improved vastly. I feel more confident about myself  and more in control of my life when I write.

With that in mind, I’d say I’m using my time pretty wisely. Homework will get done eventually.

Do you find yourself blogging (or writing more in general) under stress? What does writing mean to you?

5 Replies to “A Different Way of Being Productive”

    1. I completely agree. I am experiencing this right now with some school papers I need to have completed soon. I was so excited about them earlier this semester because they are on topics I really enjoy, but now that it’s down to crunch time and I’m exhausted, getting those papers written definitely seems like more of a duty than a pleasure.


      1. I understand perfectly what you mean, I am one of the directors of the journal of my school and sometimes it’s difficult to respect deadlines and study at the same time.
        But in the end satisfaction is waiting 😉

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  1. Blogging stressing, not at all. I publish new post twice month, so I have time to do thing which I love. Writing is creative and more interesting it is when translating blogs to another languages. My blogs are in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Translating is cool.

    Happy blogging!

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    1. Wow, you have a really neat perspective. I have never thought about the creative process of translating before; I guess it is a creative process though, as there is a certain amount of freedom in deciding exactly how to translate something. Thank your for sharing!


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