Mini Successes in the Blogosphere

I was about write a super excited post about how “What is Past is Prologue” just acquired its fiftieth follower and how lil ole me who is so new to blogging is so excited about that.

Then I saw that a lovely blog in its own right, The Happy Lifeaholic, recently posted about reaching over 900 followers (Congrats by the way!). Well, you might say that my excitement was taken down a notch upon reading this. Let’s be real here–900+ followers makes 50 look like nothing.

Despite the fact that my excitement initially waned upon reading about a fellow blogger’s pretty awesome news, I’m still going to revel in “What is Past is Prologue’s” own small successes while also cheering on my fellow bloggers for their successes. For me, this is a pretty big deal. To many well-seasoned bloggers, fifty followers might seem like a minuscule amount. For me, though? I’ve only been blogging for over a little over a year and “What is Past is Prologue” has only been in existence for a little over three months. I consider reaching 50 followers a great feat, especially since I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like to given that I began “What is Past is Prologue” right before I dived into my most grueling semester thus far.

So, fifty isn’t that huge of a number in the grand scheme of things; I’m still pretty proud of it.

After all, even the most successful bloggers started somewhere. Even the most successful bloggers had the day where they reach fifty or seventy-five or a hundred followers and reveled in their own mini success.

Fifty followers might not seem like a big deal to you but for me, well, it just made my day!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me as the relatively new blogger that I am…it really means a lot!


On a side note, between the ducks in the featured image and the above otters, I apologize if you find the abundance of cute animal pictures in this post rather nauseating.

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