Come Visit Me on Instagram!

Yesterday, I did something I promised myself I’d never do.

I joined Instagram.

I had vowed that Facebook was enough. That I didn’t need another social media site. Well, I guess that kind of went down the drain when I signed up for WordPress if you really think about it. I like to think that WordPress is more sophisticated than other social media sites. That it is on a different level than Facebook and twitter and Instagram. Let’s be real though, it’s still social media and I do spend an awful lot of time on here.

Haha, but I’m actually not. I only hope my Instagram photos are halfway decent.

So, why Instagram, then? Well, I was looking for another way to get my blog out there to people. The other option was twitter, which is just something I can’t do. I absolutely refuse to jump on the twitter bandwagon. There’s just something about twitter that turns me off. I can’t really explain why.

Instagram was the obvious option, then. I like the idea of sharing pictures as it is. I do it enough on Facebook, and I have felt like my picture sharing on Facebook has gotten a little excessive. So, might as well move on over to Instagram where sharing photos is the standard thing to do.

If you want to check out my Instagram, you’ll find a link to it to right of this text. It’s at the top of my widget column. Although it is under my name (for the time being at least), I did create it as an extension to my blog. I intend to share photos that I feel go along with the theme of my blog, “a twenty-something searching for a place in the world.” That’s pretty broad, I know. Basically, that could mean anything. Anything thing that I find to be beautiful, funny, graceful, exciting,  worthwhile, Anything that speaks to me on this journey of self-discovery!

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