When I was working out last, my mind was consumed with all the things I had to do and I was feeling really anxious; I was disappointed that this stress was overcoming me even while working out because I view my workouts as a time of release and rejuvenation.

Then, this song came on my iPod…

This light is contagious go, go tell your neighbors/reach out and pass it on

(Interestingly, I always thought the words were “This life is contagious;” knowing that the actual word is light doesn’t change the meaning much for me though, since I believe this whole song is referring to all the beauty in life)

When this song came on, my anxiety and stressed disappeared.

I’ve always loved this song; it’s upbeat and uplifting.

It reminds me that there is so much beauty in this world. There is so much to live for. Even though I’m stressed out right now, this life is so full of wonder.

What fills you with wonder?

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