Poetry Bookshelves

I originally published this photo in my previous post, Fall Break Reading (My Options are Limited).

However, upon further consideration, I thought I’d take this lil photo and make it the star of its own post, so I removed it from the other post and here it is!

I took this photo a few weeks ago in the McGinnis Room at Briggs Library on campus at UMM. The McGinnis Room is this beautiful little space on the first floor of the library. The room is filled with natural light from the outside-facing windows just across from the doorway, and two long lines of bookshelves (one housing this lovely collection of poetry) straddle opposite ends of the room to the right and left of the doorway. There are also windows that give a view of the outer library on the entryway side of the room. It’s a fantastic little oasis in the center of the library–it’s closed off enough that one can work in solitude if necessary, yet the windows on each of the room give it an open atmosphere that doesn’t allow one to feel stifled. Meetings are often held in the McGinnis Room at a beautiful medium sized wooden table, which sits just off center in the room, but it can also be used as a study space.

When I was doing homework in here a few weeks ago, I took a moments break and looked up at these bookshelves; I was struck by how beautiful a simple shelf of books can be. I quick snapped of photo on my phone (as people do these days in the twenty-first century), added a filter, and have been in love with the picture ever since. It is currently my phone background and my facebook profile cover photo. I wanted to share it here because let’s be real, the world could always use a bit more beauty in it.

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